The Goddess of Enough

With anything that’s alive and constantly evolving in the moment, it’s time to honor the need for this particular “belly” to expand by making make room for other kinds of stories I’d like to tell as well.

I love writing about women’s bodies and sharing my experiences of reclaiming my womanhood from the patriarchy—and there will be more stories about the feminine to come. But focusing just on the reclamation part of my voyage has started to feel like putting on a favorite pair of jeans that have become a little tight.

Growth is always a good sign, especially when there is the need to stretch old boundaries, including the self-imposed kind. Still, this is the type of unfurling that makes me feel scared and excited and vulnerable at the same time.

The deep-seated fear that comes up for me is: Am I enough? As in, in this case, if I change and start to deviate from what people have gotten used to expecting from me here, will I—just me—be enough for you, my blogging community, to keep coming back for more? There’s only one way to find out.

The other day, my friend Maria Badiei, who is both an artist and healer, gifted me with a painting she’d made several years ago. We call this artwork of hers “The Goddess of Enough.”

“The Goddess of Enough” by Maria Badiei

The female figure in the center looks very much like what I once imagined how a deity with that name might look. At the time, I desperately needed the reminder that no matter what happens or doesn’t happen in life, I, Diahann Reyes, am enough— as opposed to my lifelong, polar opposite worries of either being  “too much” or “not enough.” Both tend to stop me dead in my tracks.

I thought the Goddess of Enough only lived in my imagination until I saw Maria’s work and realized that she has seen her, too. The painting now hangs in my living room. To me, this image shows a woman birthing all sorts of possibilities in her life because she knows her own enoughness.

I am enough. I am enough. I am enough. These three words, which I say over and over to myself, have become my mantra.

So stay tuned for changes on this blog, which may happen sporadically or in waves—not unlike contractions—as Stories from the Belly slowly morphs into its next becoming.

56 Comments on “The Goddess of Enough”

  1. Alice says:

    I eagerly await witnessing your next becoming.

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Alice! The decision to take up more space, incorporating the old, feels great 🙂

      • Alice says:

        I love how you put that: “to take up more space.” A powerful decision, especially given how many social forces work to constrain — not only the space women occupy — but the amount of space women give themselves permission to want. All I can think to say:

        YOU GO, GRRL.

  2. BroadBlogs says:

    A beautiful painting! And a beautiful, and growing, idea behind it.

  3. I too am very eager to read more of your stories. No need to apologize for wanting to expand and change. Yes, change can be frightening. The familiar is comforting but can also make us feel stuck. So, I say, go for it. Be who you are in all your different Selves.

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Carol! I love your words of wisdom: “Be who you are in all your different Selves” and the expansion inherent to that. And always grateful to see you here. You and Diana at Holistic Wayfarer were the first to welcome me into this community when you both visited my first posts.

  4. Aquileana says:

    Well and fair enough…. I sometimes feel we forget to take a little bit of care our ourselves and appreciate what we are and so on, Instead we tend to focus on the things or characteristics we lack off… It is a woman issue indeed, which becomes insatiable in the realms of the Capitalistic society … And you need to deal with it… I think your post points in that direction,… thus I thank you for sharing… All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Aquileana. I agree- that fear of not being enough, which impacts both men and women does seem to affect females the most. Been reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and she talks a lot about how that is often what has stopped her and other women she has known. If everyone came from that place within of knowing we are enough- it would be a different world!

  5. Peter Schreiner says:

    I’ve a feeling we’ll not be disappointed.

  6. Tony Single says:

    For what it’s worth, I won’t be going anywhere. I’m kind of excited to see where you go next actually. 🙂 (The painting is amazing. I deeply admire painters. I couldn’t do it.)

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Tony! 🙂 I’m excited too and so grateful for the warm words of encouragement from you and others here and appreciative of what you bring to the mix with your insights.

      yes- the painting is amazing, right? So much going on in the image, too.

  7. Katalina4 says:

    Looking forward to new evolutions! Your insightful nature is what keeps me coming back… 🙂

  8. redosue says:

    Good enough for your and good enough for us. Rethinking your blog is a good thing and doing it the way you’re doing it is very sensible.Good luck and watching with interest how this space evolves.

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Sue. I’m excited to bring in new areas of exploration along with some of what I’ve been cultivating. i see from your blog that you are the mastress of reinvention. I’m inspired.

  9. markrenney1 says:

    I’ve always admired your writing Diahann for all kinds of reasons. I look forward to reading your new work. Regards Mark

  10. alaina says:

    “I am enough, I am enough”. As well a mantra for myself that began as the faintest whisper two and a have years ago and has slowly but steadily gained speed and volume in my being. It is starting to become a voice, I can hear it coming out every once in a while now as I begin to speak again after so very long, when the dominant voice from the past called fear arises that would have normally said “to much” or “not enough” it is becoming more and more expressed and says “enough”.

    I only recently discovered your blog and it has been inspirational to me in the sense that I had hoped to find someone, another woman, that was growing into the comfort that I have been with their body. When I say body I do not mean in the literal physical sense, but in the deep appreciation of the feminine and the vessel that has been given to us by our higher power to encompass and relay that. To do that I believe, it is then inevitable that the mind and spirit must follow, it is impossible for it not to. They are the three puzzle pieces that make up the full intention of our being here in this life.

    I am excited to hear the other pieces your puzzle. Have faith that your intention is a natural progression and that your spirit will be the anchor. I hope that sharing in your experience will help me to grow that voice of spirit I have rising within myself.

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Alaina. I love knowing that you’ve been on a parallel journey of claiming your enoughness and that you’re also been part of the feminine awakening that seems to be happening (gratefully) in our lifetime. I so agree with you that the mind/spirit/body make up that trifecta of the sacred- spirit with matter is heaven on earth really really if you ask me.

      I am so with you that each of our journeys are for ourselves and for others in that collectively we catalyze one another. Look forward to finding out more about where part 2 of your life is taking you on your blog.

  11. katherinejlegry says:

    Being that you are one of the most lovable of spirits on the planet I wonder why you wonder!

    But I get it. It’s natural and human to worry… for anybody.

    You always have been and are “enough” Diahann for all of your readers (whether they are coming with or without expectations of you).

    That’s a beautiful painting and intention to share. I love it. Your changes and growth are already present and I’m honored you’ve allowed me to witness on your blog.

    Be you, Diahann whatever you want to channel or create or change. Your core is always perfect. (maybe I need to define perfect: perfect allows imperfection just as understanding admits to not understanding, if that makes sense).

    I sound “full of myself” but I just think you’re great! 🙂

    • diahannreyes says:

      Katherine, I love to hear that you are full of yourself. When think of that expression, said to me so often as a warning as a child “don’t be full yourself” – now I think, who else should I have been full of but me? Is it no wonder that if I emptied myself out so as not to be full of myself I then proceeded for years to try to fill myself up with other things outside of me- food, men, etc? So yay to both our fullness.

      And thank you for your words and presence, which have always been loving and encouraging and beyond supportive. You make me see myself brighter than I allow and I’m grateful. This comment, from you, esp. made me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

  12. Audrey F says:

    Yes, you are enough and what you do is enough and often much more than that, Diahann. What a cool painting! I, too, look forward to see what you have in store for (you) and us!!

  13. Bonolo says:

    Amazing artwork. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

  14. livelytwist says:

    As you infer, if we’re alive, we’re constantly evolving.
    Even when you write about the ‘Female Body and Its Appetites’ I still found applications beyond the female body; for life in general.
    Bring it on! 🙂

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Timi! That’s really good to know that there have been broader applications (and so appreciate our exchange a few weeks back about the intention behind this very post and your encouragement). xo

  15. vnp1210 says:

    Change and growth are good! Excited to continue following your blog.

  16. Oh, I am so excited to see what takes shape! And I love the Goddess of Enough. I need to get to know her. Thank you for introducing me. 😉

  17. alohaleya says:

    Love the expansion and excited to see more! ❤ Aleya

  18. Elizabeth Hall Magill says:

    I love your mantra, and the painting. I look forward to the next phase of your blog!

  19. SirenaTales says:

    What a wonderful, honest post reflecting your vibrancy and awareness, Diahann. Like your other fans, I am excited for you and look forward to seeing how you claim even more of your abundant possibility. Very cool to have the rich imagery of this painting to serve as a talisman, an inspiration.

    I have to confess, your post is eerily timely for me, as I feel more and more restless with my own blog. Some days ready to pack up my tent, others still feeling the rush of inspiration….sadly, nearly always, still feeling “not enough.”

    But for tonight, I am joining in your “I am enough” mantra…and so grateful for your beautiful soul in my life. xo

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Chloe! I definitely hope you keep writing and expressing. You bring so much inspiration and uplift. (And I’m always impressed with the frequency in which you come up with new material to write about.)

      I’m excited too-although now that I’ve made my declaration all these female body story ideas have started to bubble again, is if I found a new place in me to tap into that particular fountain.
      It’s new for me to not necessarily throw out the baby with the bathwater and add new elements to the old- so here’s to hopefully more textures. Grateful, as always, for your support. xo

  20. Jean says:

    Look forward to the next blog transformation.
    My oldest niece who was an engineer, is now a romance writer. I know why she made this decision. I do feel she has more stories to tell which has nothing to do with her current type of writing. But I think she is grieving a lot and is afraid.

    I can only cheer her for her now identity. And hope she grows in courage.

    So go forward ..!

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Jean! I’m excited to expand, weaving more of the old with some new.

      That’s a pretty big career shift to go for you niece from engineering to romance writing, which undoubtedly took courage! She is lucky to have your support.

  21. Jay says:

    I think we all need to bathe ourselves in that concept of enough.

  22. Do we ever feel that we are ‘enough’? I know that’s been a challenge for me my entire life. As I’ve ‘matured,’ I’ve begun to enjoy all that I am, and to believe in all that I’ve been. But, it’s still a challenge. Wonderful post – I look forward to more, whatever ‘shape’ that takes.

  23. You know this is a question I keep circling back to on the Holistic Journey.
    As for you, you are more than enough – but not too much, LOL. Just stay happy with what you put out and we will feel the power, D.

  24. Mél@nie says:

    excellent choice and decision, young lady… 🙂 is Maria Badiei of Romanian origin? – ’cause her name does sound Romanian… I’ve just visited her site and she seems to be a lovely and a very interesting person, like you… 🙂 stay healthy, “cool” and optimistic! my very best and good luck in all your present and future endeavours! cheers, Mélanie

  25. reocochran says:

    I like these three positive words to be used as a mantra. They are great positive affirmation words!! Hugs, Robin

  26. Fantastic post. You write simple. I understand everything. bye

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