Editorial/Client Services

Editorial Services for Small Business Clients:
I’m available as a content development editor for small businesses and entrepreneurs. If you need help on your web content, press releases, newsletters, or blog posts, please contact me. I’m a former CNN journalist and I’ve been a successful ghost blogger for many years. I’ve taken my clients to the top of the Google page rankings. I also freelance as a feature writer and I am a developmental editor.  Here is my resume at LinkedIn.

Editorial Services for Creatives, Healers, and Other Individuals
I’m a fellow writer, storyteller, seeker, and performer. I know what it’s like to put your work out there while making yourself vulnerable in the process. I am someone who will have your back.

Writing Coach
I offer private writing coach sessions customized to your needs via Zoom. If you are working on a short story, op-ed piece, or some other form of writing and you want support getting it into prime shape before sending it out, I’d love to help you.

CONTACT ME: diahannreyes@gmail.com

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  1. You are truly inspiring!! ❤ I'm so glad I know a woman like you!!

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