About Diahann

I’m a writer, journalist, performer, and speaker. I write about feminism, body image, identity culture, food, and travel. My work has been published on CNN, Role Reboot, Mamamia, the Glow, DeBrief Daily, TalesMag, Elephant Journal, and WeBeGirls. I’m the author of the chapbooks Howl Naked Raccoon the Moon, Moon Goddess, and Basketball Dome of Tears. My poems and essays also can be found in the WriteGirl anthologies: Emotional Map of Los Angeles, You are Here, and No Character Limit.

I’ve performed at the Hollywood FringeFestival and read my stories at Beyond Baroque in Venice. I am working on a memoir about my journey of taking my body back from the patriarchy and also a solo show. I was a panelist at the V3 Digital Media Conference in 2014 where I spoke on a panel about body image and fashion.

Previous to becoming a performer and freelancer, I was a CNN journalist. Next, I worked as  a writer and senior account manager in high tech public relations before going on to serve as the editor of FindLaw.  I also spent several years in Hollywood as an actress.

I also freelance for corporate and small business clients as a blogger and content writer. I work with writers and other creatives as a writing coach/midwife and brainstorming priestess.

You can read more about me in this interview conducted by writer and performer Elizabeth Liang. I was born in the Philippines but grew up all over the world, including Argentina, Pakistan, New Zealand, Indonesia, and the US.

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and our five cats. We’re a mixed-foodie household. My husband is a vegan and I’m a meat eater, although eventually I’ll end up a vegan, I’m sure. I eat a lot more vegetables these days, thanks to him. In the meantime, I just can’t quit pork belly.

If you are interested in working with me as a writer, writing coach, brainstorming priestess, or speaker, I’d love to hear from you.

Website:  http://www.diahannreyeslane.com

Portfolio: https://diahannreyeslane.contently.com
Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/diahann-reyes/2/41b/55a

Email: diahannreyes@gmail.com


55 Comments on “About Diahann”

  1. Michael Lane says:

    Hi, Diahann. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit this link: http://animalmikelane.com/. Congratulations and thank you for inspiring me with your blog!

  2. diahannreyes says:

    Thank you, Michael! I’m grateful and really happy for the acknowledgment. Congratulations to you and your beautiful blog, too!!

  3. samanli says:

    Do you like to start a class sri lanka how to maintain femail body. It’s very worth.

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thanks for asking and for reading my blog. I live in the US so right now I don’t have plans to go to Sri Lanka to teach but I am intrigued about the possibility of doing something like that there in the future.

  4. Hi, I really loved reading your posts as they are both inspiring and empowering for women. I look forward to reading more!


  5. Initiator ;-) says:

    Great Discovery blog…!
    What’s your inspiration to start of this blog and other links..?

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Tahir! Thanks for the follow 🙂 I have been engaged in my own personal inquiry into my own relationship to my body, which is one of the reasons I decided to start blogging about it. My other site his my website at http://diahannreyes.com. How about you? You look like you are a big inspirer and innovator.

      • Initiator ;-) says:

        Thanks dear Dia…for prompt response..!
        But how you such beautifully exploring your own body…! Impressive for me.
        Me….by profession belong to Finance career..!
        I really inspire from myself.. ;-).
        I like innovation of every kind in my life..!and like people who did some thing new and diverstified…!

  6. aqilaqamar says:

    Thanks Diamond for writing back I really like it when writers write back and acknowledge you it is pretty sweet like sugar crash retro buzz users weet!

  7. ledrakenoir says:

    Really like the way you are writing… 🙂

  8. panikikubik says:

    Hello, First of all, thank you for visiting and following my blog,I really appreciate it! I been reading some of you post and I’m so impressed of the strenght you show and have and your blog is so important!Thank you.
    I wish you all the best and a great 2014.

  9. mesimpel says:

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for liking my post about race on Holistic Wayfarer’s site.
    I was really shocked by your blog (in a good way of course), how you take a subject that is mainly dedicated to women and turn it to something that both genders can learn from.

    Thanks SM

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. I am really glad to hear that you felt that you could benefit from the posts! I like to think of my blog site as a space where hopefully men can feel that they too can be part of the conversation.

  10. ninoalmendra says:

    I’ve nominated you and your blog for a LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. Congrats!!! You can view it @ http://icookonboard.com/2014/04/04/liebster-blog-award/

  11. Hi Diahann, thank you for stopping by blog yesterday and for your kind comments. I really love your blog and what you are doing, it’s so great to see that there are other women in the blogging arena writing and doing great things 🙂

  12. Thank you for the follow; I am honored. I enjoy your writing and hope you keep telling the truth!

  13. SirenaTales says:

    Good morning, Diahann. You and your words ignite the page, and, obviously, many others’ inspiration. Thank you for your courage and honesty. Looking forward to reading more. xo

  14. AdiC says:

    Your blog stands out for its unabashed content about the female crowd! Following you 😀

  15. panikikubik says:

    Hello Diahann, I nominated you and your blog to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Congratulations!

  16. […] The Leather Library Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth Idealisticrebel Apple Pie and Napalm Stories from the Belly Not a Punk […]

  17. Thank you for liking and following my blog. 🙂 It’s been a busy summer so I’m trying to catch up on my blogging. Thank you for creating such insightful content!

  18. We’re having a gender and development workshop as I stumble upon this. More power to you Diahann and to the women

  19. vilorygreen says:

    Your Blog is such an inspiration! Thank you so much for this great work you are putting in to this!

  20. Initiator ;-) says:

    Your journey of exploration is going on… I found Dia every time in different way of her body..! 😉
    Stay Blessed..!

  21. ledrakenoir says:

    Happy Holidays to you and yours – all the best wishes from here… 🙂

  22. thegoodshufu says:

    Diahann, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. So glad to have found yours, and looking forward to following! As a new, 1st-time mother at 47, everything about my body is changing or has changed in ways I never expected (and I especially didn’t expect to get pregnant naturally after 45!), and it’s such a mix of experiences. Love that you are writing so openly about women, ethnicity, and our bodies. All my best! And looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming memoir. When will it be out?

    • diahannreyes says:

      Tracy, likewise with your stories. I didn’t realize that you are an expat. And it is inspiring to know that you were a first time mother at 47 and look forward to hearing more about that. I’m turning 44 this year and am still undecided about motherhood so it is inspiring to know that you are on that path. I can only imagine how that experience has shifted you and your body. What an exciting exploration. The memoir, I hope will be out sometime toward the end of the year–still deciding on the best way to get that creative baby out in the world. Thanks for the lovely note here.

  23. AdiC says:


    You have a new task awaiting you at http://www.inkingthethinking.wordpress.com titled ‘Spreading Love’. I hope you will accept it!

    Graciously Yours!

  24. iku2e says:

    i remember i have seen you before somewhere..but i find it hard to remember where..your face is in mind..but not able to recollect where..nice to meet u again!

  25. ohdearbez says:

    Hey there!

    I nominated you for this Liebster Award thing…
    Check it out!

    B x

  26. Elo says:

    I am in love with your blog and your writing style – so very happy to have found you this morning 🙂

  27. granestrella says:

    Such beautiful, and thoughtful writing!

  28. Mony says:

    Such a powerful blog u have!
    Very thoughtful writing out there.
    Beautiful dear 🙂
    Mony http://www.stylepeaks.com

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