Stretching Out My Tongue

iStock_000015605719XSmallI recently took part in a women’s subtle body movement class where the teacher had us explore our tongues. For nearly an hour more than a dozen women lay on yoga mats in the dark as they got to know this part of the female body.

As I lay on my back with my eyes closed, I stretched out my tongue, opening my mouth so there was room for its full extension, then curled it back in, rolling the surface of my tongue over and my top front teeth and then across the insides of my cheeks. I then curled the tip of my tongue backward so that it formed a ‘U’ over itself before lifting its tip just high enough to graze the roof of my mouth.

As I stuck my tongue out between my lips, letting it slither through my teeth, my neck to arch upward, my chin jutted out, and my shoulders reached back in a stretch. I discovered that extending my tongue in different directions—first up, then down, and later in circles and wavelike motions—created a ripple effect, as my back, my arms, hips, and legs began to extend themselves outward too. By the end of the exercise, my body felt all stretched out.

Up until now, I’d never given much thought to my tongue—only that it’s a necessary human organ for articulating words and tasting food. But having spent so much time getting to know this part of my body better, I was struck by a few aha’s that go beyond the tongue’s shape, texture, or the way it moves.

1)    The tongue is a ripcord to inner space.

Stretch out the tongue in all directions and in different ways long enough and it’s like pulling the ripcord of a parachute. Only, what it opens up isn’t an expansion of space in the body. Extending and twisting and turning my tongue around caused the tension knots in my shoulders to dissolve, which led to my back relaxing, the tightness in my hips loosening, and my nervous system letting down.

2)    The tongue is the truth-teller of my desires.

Without my tongue, I wouldn’t be able to verbally articulate my deepest desires, wants, and needs. I couldn’t give anyone a tongue-lashing, letting them know what I really think, or show my boyfriend how much I desire him by kissing him with tongue. The amount of times in my life I’ve metaphorically “held my tongue” rather than risk the consequences of speaking my truth are too many to count. I think it might be time to set my tongue free.

3)    The tongue is a second clitoris for women.

I don’t know why I didn’t notice until now how similar in appearance my tongue is to this other organ of pleasure. Both the tongue and the clitoris are long and generally slender, and each is nestled between a set of lips. And just like the clitoris contains thousands of sensory nerve endings—all hardwired for sensual pleasure—there are thousands of taste buds resting on the surface of the tongue—all for savoring foods’ sweet, spicy, bitter, and sour.

The tongue can be a receiver and giver of sexual arousal. Whether via a kiss, a suck, a flicker, or a lick, it’s up to us to explore the many ways.

Clearly, I’m a little tongue struck right now.

12 Comments on “Stretching Out My Tongue”

  1. The tongue is the beginning of the G.I. tract. That’s why acupuncturists – at least skilled ones – can tell a lot (virtually everything) about your belly/intestines by observing the color and texture of your tongue. Cool connection: the t and the clit.

  2. diahannreyes says:

    I did not know that, Diana. Wow- the connections you just named makes me think appreciate the intricacy and amazingness of the human body even more. Also, on a side note, it is fascinating to me how much of a cultural charge there is around when women make the tongue visible (all the attention surrounding Miley Cyrus, for example.)

  3. […] I published my first blog post early last September, I sent it out only to a designated “safe” list of friends I knew would be […]

  4. best home says:

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  5. You are so adventurous with your body. It’s very refreshing and inspiring. 🙂

  6. SirenaTales says:

    How cool that you share so generously your fearless adventures and discoveries about the miraculous human BODY, Diahann! Ah yes, the tongue. Loved your point about “holding one’s tongue”–how many times have we all done this, sometimes for the better and other times not? I became more aware of the amazing aspects of tongues from the practitioner of Chinese medicine and acupressure I visited years ago. Each session began with her checking out my tongue–to glean some of what you and Diana have noted. Whoa–that was eye- (and mouth-) opening :). Thanks so much for your big spirit, my wise friend. Tongue struck? Yeah, baby! xoxo

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Sirena. For taking the time to read my earliest posts and your always insightful and supportive comments. I think it is auspicious that after holding my own tongue for so long that this became the first post of my blog. I will definitely have to inquire into the tongue via the perspective Chinese Medicine. You have piqued my curiosity and one of my closest friends is an acupuncturist. xo

  7. ledrakenoir says:

    vry wll written, actually remind me of this song:


    • diahannreyes says:

      Drake, was not expecting this song! I totally get it- we are each our own “the ones” that we’ve been waiting for this whole time. Thanks for posting and as usual making me think w/ the images that you share.

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