The Memoir

COMING SOON!!!!! Some people spend a summer traveling around the world to find themselves, I’ve spent the last decade traveling back into my female body. I didn’t know the journey was possible or even necessary… but the trip has changed everything for me. There is so much to the female body than meets the eye… a deep inner space that seldom gets explored or talked about because we’re all so busy looking at her appearance and finding it wanting. I like to think of myself as a traveler who has gone in, down, and deep into the vast realm of my own female body to reclaim every inch of her as mine, all mine. Now I’m resurfacing to tell this tale.




9 Comments on “The Memoir”

  1. Kaye says:

    I was hoping to get a glimpse of your books here. Anyway, I would love to read your books in the future. If you have link to your previously published book, I would love to have a look and would love to read it. Best of luck!

  2. This is exciting!! Writing a book is not an easy thing to do, and I have a lot of respect for anyone who accomplishes it. I’ve started several books in my lifetime, but never completed one. I’m currently working on another book, however; and am feeling confident that I’ll actually complete this one. I look forward to reading your book when it comes out! Celeste šŸ™‚

    • diahannreyes says:

      Thank you, Celeste! I look forward to reading your book too and would love to hear what it is about if you feel like sharing.

      Also, sounds like your earlier books may have been preparation for (rather than unfinished attempts) for the one you are so sure of this time. I’m excited for you too. šŸ™‚

      Btw- side note- I am seriously making a couple of the recipes you offered up for Thanksgiving so will tell you how that goes.

  3. I look forward to reading yourmemoir, Diahann. It’s such an original approach. šŸ™‚

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